About Us

About Us


As students of His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, our aim is solely to help and assist others in as many ways as possible, especially on a spiritual level as per Rinpoche’s vision by carrying them out with the best of our abilities through various departments formed by Rinpoche.

Beginning from one small retail shop lot in 2000, Kechara has diversified to 13 departments. These departments are designed to bring maximum benefit to anyone who comes in contact with Kechara, while staying true to the vision of our spiritual guide.

From publishing spiritually groundbreaking books, to producing music that soothes the soul, from stunning spiritual artwork that nourishes the soul to even food that advocates spirituality, not to mention the various successful events that have been held over the years that have touched the lives of many thus bringing a glimmer of spirituality into their lives without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Through these various departments and activities, many people have been able to connect to a spiritual community which helps them find inner peace within themselves. Kechara is the spiritual sanctuary and a brilliant source of solace to many. It is Rinpoche’s vision and tremendous efforts, coupled with the support of many who trusted him and believed in his goals that made Kechara possible.

Today, Rinpoche’s contemporary and skilful methods in teaching the Dharma continue to attract many, especially the younger generation, to have spiritualism imparted to them. It is due to Rinpoche’s kindness, patience, fortitude and vision that Kechara and its various departments were created for the sake of humanity.