If His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche is a highly attained Lama, why can’t he control his own death?

Being a reincarnated Tulku, Rinpoche does have the ability to control his own death due to the power of his attainments. However, it also dependent on the students to create the causes for their teacher to stay with them.

The guru thrives on spreading the Dharma and will quickly take rebirth where he can be of most benefit to others. If no causes were created for the guru to remain, then even if he extends his life, there will be no purpose because his only wish to live is to use his wisdom and knowledge of the Dharma to help and benefit others.

I’ve heard that Tibetan High Lamas have the ability to heal themselves. Is that true?

Yes, Tibetan teachers are famous for having extraordinary attainments. However, these are concealed from the public eye and even from their own students. A genuine teacher will use all methods to train his students, even if it is at the expense of his own physical body.

At the slightest result of mental transformation from a student, the teacher do will everything in his power to make sure it has complete results. This is the extent of their tremendous compassion. They would rather have sickness fall upon them for the sake of a student’s spiritual attainments.

Why does so much money have to be raised? Wouldn’t it be better to donate it to other organisations that need financial aid?

The extent of the medical treatment and multitude of long life pujas to be conducted for obstacles to be cleared is extensive. Therefore, this sum that is raised online will cover the cost of Rinpoche’s medical treatment and expenses; which will be one of the aspects in contributing to the long life of Rinpoche.

Not only does it cover the costs of the medical treatments, it is also symbolic of our inner offering to Rinpoche, and our wish for him to remain with us for a long time to continue turning the wheel of Dharma.

Saving the life of Rinpoche alone can bring benefit to hundreds of thousands in the future. With Rinpoche’s spiritual guidance and manifestation of his visions, the number of people who will have their lives changed for the better, their hearts touched, and their lives saved and benefitted will be remarkable.

Saving one, Rinpoche’s life, is parallel to donating to an organisation to save many.

What kind of impact would result from a High Lama entering clear light in the Buddhist view?

It is imperative that we perform the treatments for Rinpoche to live long so that he can carry on his good works and inspire many others on the spiritual path. For Rinpoche to enter clear light prematurely before he can actualize his purpose of benefiting beings on a large scale would also mean denying thousands of people spiritual fulfillment and happiness.

Morever, Rinpoche is a very rare teacher in the sense that he has not only undergone traditional monastic training, but is also fluent in both English and Tibetan. This allows him to seamlessly relate the teachings to the modern people of today with no difficulty at all.

This does not include his projects, which were created specifically to bring inner peace and happiness to people who come in contact with it. Such a loss would be nothing short of huge for Buddhism, and even the world.

Therefore, it is very important that Rinpoche has a long life so that many more can benefit from his presence and his works.