His Vision

His Vision


In the process, we drain ourselves and lose the true meaning of life. We feel lost, aimless and eventually spiral towards depression.

His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s vision of many years is to leave behind a world-class institution of alternative learning based on Buddhist philosophy – Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC). It will be a retreat centre for everyone to unwind, learn, engage in retreats, meditate and relax.

KWPC will feature the unique aesthetics of Tibetan architecture in beautiful Malaysia. It will be the foremost spiritual destination in the region; a landmark for both local and international tourists seeking culture, spirituality and peace.

Located at the foothills of a mountainous range, surrounded by lush greens, cool, crisp air, KWPC will provide the opportunity to learn the methods and ancient wisdom to lead a purposeful life.

Visitors will revel in the tranquillity, escaping from the hustle and bustle of modern city life, to re-connect with their inner-self. There will be activities such as chi gong, yoga, flower arrangement and many more to un-wind the mind, relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

This vision will soon become a reality. As a 30-acre land has been secured and the architectural drawings have been laid out, KWPC will be the best gift for the future generations and many others when it manifests in the near future.