His Work

His Work


Great benefit has been predicted for this region, including China, through his activities involving Buddhism and the Dharma.

Rinpoche has been sponsoring many destitute monks of his monastery back in Gaden who lack the basic necessities to pursue the holy path, even though Rinpoche himself had nothing much to give.

Many monks today are still able to recall how Rinpoche was kind to them, from providing them with the basic amenities to counseling them. All of these were done in order to help them attain their Geshe degrees (the equivalent of a Doctorate in Buddhist studies) so that they will be able to benefit many people.

Besides sponsoring the monks, Rinpoche has also raised funds to build and maintain a pre-primary school in the Tibetan refugee settlement in Mundgod, as well as personally visiting the poverty-stricken laity around his monastery and providing them with the basic food supplies and sundries, without any bias or discrimination.

Rinpoche started Kechara to bring benefit to as many beings and in as many ways as possible, regardless of race, religion, and creed. It is not humans alone but other beings such as animals who are also within the care and concern of Rinpoche. As such, Rinpoche initiated various projects with the sole aim of aiding others in any way possible.

Rinpoche’s array of projects after having established Kechara include sponsoring robes, money and a Manjushri statue for each of the 3000 monks in his home monastery, Gaden. A hospital was also built and maintained via Rinpoche’s initiative and in collaboration with his students at Kechara.

In Malaysia, he has started several charitable projects, one of them being the soup kitchen project where packets of food are distributed to the homeless on the streets. This project has given hundreds of homeless individuals a chance to thrive in society via arrangements for stable jobs and affordable housing, and also reconnecting them with their families, apart from providing them food for their temporary sustenance daily.

Rinpoche has also initiated plans to build an animal shelter where abandoned and abused animals will be cared for, as they are helpless and do not deserve to be mistreated. These are some of the few projects that are but a prelude to an even bigger project that will benefit much more: Kechara World Peace Center. This will be an oasis of alternative learning as well as a sanctuary for all who wish to seek peace.

Ultimately, Rinpoche is a  modern spiritual guide. His goal is to not only provide relief for temporary suffering, but also to provide long term relief from emotional and mental pain. Rinpoche has said that to relieve our inner sufferings we have to focus outwards, as such these projects help to provide a platform for many people to have a chance to serve others and thus achieve internal happiness on a higher point of view.

With a strong online presence, Kechara is also a virtual Dharma center for those who have limited access to teachers and Dharma resources close to where they live. Kechara aspires to serve all who enjoy His Eminence’s unconventional method of presenting the ancient teachings in ways accessible and relevant to us inhabitants of the 21st century’s global village while never losing or diluting the profound essence of the Buddha’s timeless wisdom.