Our Guru

Our Guru


He is the embodiment of the teachings, someone who has learnt and applied them, serving as a real life example of what could be achieved in this spiritual path. He is a selfless guide who shows nothing but compassion and wisdom to his students.

Besides possessing profound wisdom, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche excelled in extensive monastic studies and trainings of sutra and tantra. He tirelessly shares his findings with all of us via his live teachings and his personal blog.

Besides initiating many projects to serve humanity, Rinpoche never stops giving advice to anyone who has requested from him, even if it means that he has to forgo sleep. He also gives generously to people in need, unconditionally. From the Indian barber who needed funds to go back to his hometown to the destitute Nepali trishaw driver, Rinpoche has never shown any discrimination towards anyone who crosses his path.

Rinpoche has shown us that it is possible to survive and also benefit others at the same time. He has shown us that it is possible to practice and embody the teachings. He is a qualified teacher who has given up everything he had during the prime of his life and instead studied and trained for the sake of benefiting others.

Through his teachings and example, he has touched the lives of the many who have come in contact with him. There is no questioning his selfless compassion towards others as it is the same for his closest students to the dogs on the streets.

To the students, Rinpoche has shown all of us exceptional kindness far greater than anyone could possibly have. His wisdom and foresight has been able to bring us from strength to strength.

Here’s Rinpoche’s personal attendant’s blog where you can read in-depth about his personal experiences with Rinpoche:

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